Welcome to MediMerge Health -- a new doorway to the healthcare delivery system. Our unique platform allows self-insured organizations to elevate their benefits programs from confusing and cumbersome reimbursement plans to truly integrated health benefit models that engage members on specific, relevant and personal levels.

At the core of its integrated health plan, MediMerge incorporates the services of a Certified MediMerge Health Advocate™, a registered nurse, who helps members and their physicians explore a comprehensive and integrative approach to health and wellness. By incorporating lifestyle changes and using a multi-disciplinary approach along the continuum of care from wellness and prevention to treatment and management, the Certified MediMerge Health Advocate™ helps members improve the range and quality of decisions they make regarding their health and pursuit of optimal wellness.

Redefining Healthcare Delivery

MediMerge is redefining the healthcare delivery paradigm by integrating healthcare through accountability, proactive/collaborative medical management, online health, fitness, wellness, and disease management programs and healthcare administrative services.

MediMerge Health empowers individuals and plan sponsors to assume an active role in medical care and cost containment. The MediMerge Health tools are used to identify and utilize the most effective aspects of all medical arts facilitating the best care available. Assembled into an integrated package, MediMerge offers the following tools:

Indian Country

MediMerge Health recognizes that our philosophy and services form a unique synergy with the healthcare needs of the Indian Country. With our broad perspective on health and wellness, our Health Advocates incorporate their knowledge and experience with traditional medicine into the advocacy process. The personal interactions of our Health Advocates with tribal members augments the efforts of the tribes Community Health Representatives in improving individual health and wellness.

Since every organization and every individual has their own unique characteristics, we tailor our approach to each tribe and each tribal member. We work with tribes to understand their wellness goals and objectives, as well as the aspects of their heritage and culture that influence the health of their members. With this foudation, our Health Adovcates work with indvidual tribal members to develop a personalized plan for achieving optimal health.

Case Studies